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Winter vacation with family in Riga

We traveled to Riga for our family winter vacation. It’s rare that my soon-to-be-husband has a vacation at the same time as the schools do, so this year was exceptional in that way.

We traveled for 4 days, but basically we had only 2 full days in Riga. That was a short time in a big city, but I think we saw what we were about to see and we had a lot’s of fun there!

Riga’s public transport would have been cheap, but there weren’t any route maps for it, so we used taxi’s all the time. Taxi’s were really cheap too, but you had to look very carefully on what type of taxi you would go into, some of them were really crappy!

The old city of Riga was very beautiful
There were bridal stores everywhere!
In Riga there was also a very different views
Some of the trams were really old
The view over the river at night was beautiful
You can see Riga tv tower behind this train bridge

The rest of the pic’s are taken with my One Plus 3T cellphone

The hotel breakfast was very good as always!
Famous Street Burgers had gourmet burgers, yummy!
We also went to a Skyline Bar to enjoy the views and have some late night snack
Views from the Skyline bar's 26th floor
Random pic's from the trip
The planes that took us there were old propeller planes!
Tallinn coast line
Finally Helsinki, yess!!