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Valentine’s day in Budapest

We spent 4 days in Budapest in February 2016.

It was a rainy 4 days, but the best Valentine’s day I’ve ever had!

The first day, despite the rain, we climbed to Mount Gellert to take some night city photos.

The rest of the days we traveled around the city with trams, buses and subways.

We ate good food and enjoyed the world famous spas.

(The rest of the photos are taken with cellphone)

The yellow metro line has been in constant operation since 1896
Valentine's day dinner in a boat restaurant Spoon
Starting salad with bacon
Angus beef steak, Bronte pistachio, amaranth, truffle flavored beignet
Széchenyi Bath (Széchenyi fürdő) is the largest medicinal bath and one of the largest public baths in Europe.
The Lukács bath (Lukács fürdő) has eight pools, five of which are thermal pools. The hot springs feeding the thermal pools are rich in calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate, sulfate and sodium, with a significant content of fluoride ions.
We fell in love with the small street stores